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Pricing for Schools

School Puppetry Visit. . We Come to You!

Includes a Puppet Show with live musical accompaniment, plus a "Meet the Puppets and Puppeteer" session after the show.


Repeat Performances

Puppets Amongus can perform more than once at your school or library, in the same day.

$50 per additional show

Audience Size

The above pricing is based on audience sizes of forty or less. For larger audiences, there is an additional fee applies. Please contact us for more details.

Travel Costs

Additional fees apply to schools and libraries outside of the greater Tucson area. Please contact us for more details.


"There is something very special about Matt Cotten and his puppetry. He carries with him a deep knowledge and a genuine, true artistry that informs his performance and teaching.  My students loved working with him."   

-Lorie Heald, Drama teacher at St. Gregory School, Tucson, AZ

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